About Us

By now most people are familiar with Priceline, the airline and vacation website where you can name your own price. Well now, for the first time, you can name your price for many retail products. To find a site like Uhaggled.com where you can save dollars off of other online prices is mind blowing, You name your price and the haggle starts to reach a mutual price that you favor and would like to accept. Unlike many copy sites, you are haggling with the seller directly on our site and the final price is not sent to any other manufacturer or retailer to accept. We stock and fulfill all of our orders. Unlike other similar websites, the decision on whether the haggle is accepted is fast and immediate. No catches, all fun! We buy products direct from the manufacturer, and work with over 500 to date to bring you the best possible price.

Uhaggled.com is a fast-growing online discounted retailer with a unique haggling function for customers to haggle for the best possible price. Based in Long Island City, New York, Uhaggled.com has an abundant product line from daily essentials to electronic devices, from small tools to toys and games. Right now Uhaggled.com has more than 25 full-time employees and 10,000-square-foot of office space which doubles as a warehouse for more than 100,000 items purchased at closeout prices from manufacturers.

Uhaggled.com started its launch with complete operations in September, 2013, and has created an interactive shopping community with more than 1,000 customers. Unlike most other auctioning and bidding websites, customers can name their own affordable price and haggle with the seller on a one on one basis, receiving the best shopping experience and superb customer service.

Our goal is to be the online leader, providing selected merchandise in popular categories with extremely discounted prices. We take every effort to help our customers to save money on everyday purchase while having a little fun along the way. In addition, we, like other online retailers, have advanced technology and partnered with PayPal and other companies to protect our customer’s personal information and all the transactions via our sites safely.

On Uhaggled.com, we first post the item with the retail price and the customer will tell us what they want to pay. No reasonable offer will be refused. We believe that if our customer wins a haggle, then they will never again feel that they overpaid for a product. At Uhaggled.com, we take the fear out of haggling.

It pays to haggle!

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